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Rendering contractor services in Turkey and abroad, Can Construction and Industry Co. Inc, was established in November 1987 by Mr. Gurhan Çelebican who has been the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Board Member and General Manager of Enka Construction and Industry Co. Inc., which is among the most important companies in the construction sector in Turkey and the world.
Until today, the company has completed contracting works worth US$ 100.000.000 and the value of the Chairman's experience on the management and completion of construction contracting exceeds US$
Through the continuously updated data processing systems, the company's experience and information accumulation is constantly classified so that it is accessible and controllable, allowing to make data transfer at any time. The organisations of contruction sites enable every project, from the smallest to the most complexed one, to be perfectly complete and get handed over.
1987 - 1994
Can Construction and Industry Co. Inc. began its activities in the mounting and consequently the production of the PVC window system "Pimapen" which is a product of Enka Construction and Industry Co. Inc. Group of companies, where most of Can's board members and employees had formerly worked.
Can established the first and the most modern production plant in this field in Turkey and took part in most of the major collective housing projects in the country in the following years, playing a prominent role in the widespread of the PVC window system all over the country and in the initiation of its use abroad.
In this period, Can also contracted works for Bursa Çelik Palas Hotel, Turgutreis Municipality Building and Çayeli Sewage Treatment and Sea Discharge Plants.
With its expanding staff, the company also began to procure and mount other state-of-art construction materials such as metallic roofs and façade surfacing and rendered service in major projects that played a role in the development of Turkey.
1995 - 1999
In 1995 Can began decreasing its industrial activities and accelerated the works in steel production and mounting as well as in the construction field. During the steel mounting and coating works, Can also began realising its activities abroad and had the opportunity to work with the leading construction contractors of Turkey and the world.
1999 - 2002
Since 1999, Can has focused on construction contracting with its expanding staff, realising turn-key projects.
Can renders turn-key services in construction, mounting, engineering, architectural and related fields in industrial projects and industrial works. Can renders services at various stages such as feasibility, projecting, detail solutions, choice of materials, turn-key implementations, operating, project management, consultancy, repair works.
Can is capable of undertaking even the largest and most complexed projects with the experience transferred by the upper management that avails of a 50-year accumulation and the dynamism of its employees; Can holds all disciplines under its roof and can provide the best service by means of "Joint Venture" and/or "Consortium" structures.
The continuously updated computerized databases and the data processing systems with the latest technological innovations, enable the experience and the knowledge accumulation of the company to be accessible at any time and the data can be easily transferred and controlled. The construction sites, online headquarters-construction site connections and coordination enable all projects from the smallest to the most comprehensive ones, to be completed in perfection and handed over.
The constant objective is "to produce at the best quality in the shortest time"
Can employs approximately 30 permanent employees in its headquarters, most of whom are engineers and architects. The remaining staff is composed of technicians and administrative employees. When required, Can is able to increase its qualified human force up to 1.000 people.

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