• To be the most required construction company.
  • To be an accepted brand nationally and abroad.


  • We are directed by our customers.
  • Our first priority is to provide our customers superior value. We are dependent on their performance because of our satisfaction. Our solutions provides to our clients easily and effectively ways to implement their objectives quickly.


At all stages of business relationships with our customers and our commitment to maintain performance in a unique way and at the end of each of our jobs to receive our customers appreciation and certification.

  • Determine the best wishes of our customers, our commitments in the framework of this request is fulfilled in the best way.
  • Our company provides high quality, competitive conditions of the costs under control that we will never forget. To increase the highest level of reliability we analyze customers’ complains.
  • We protect the environment and improve care. Quality policy for the implementation of our full participation and support of staff at all levels is provided. Personnel are constantly trained.
  • We are committed to our customer that, as soon as possible, the highest quality at the lowest cost to meet their demands.

Quality Policy

The Fundamental of the Quality Policy applied by Can as an international contractor to achieve its mission and target of providing high-quality construction and engineering services in international standards is always to comply with the applicable laws, regulations and technical specs and standards, to use environment-friendly and state-of-the-art technologies and methods, to be always customer focused, progress-oriented and performance driven in completion of the contracted projects in requested quality and on time, and thus satisfying its customers by understanding and meeting their expectations and needs.

HES Policy

When doing its job, Can aims always, by taking proper preventive & protective measures pursuant to its HSE Policy, to protect its employees or/and any other people, against any eventual hazards, occupational accidents and professional diseases, and also to avoid any damage to incur to any property or the environment to be impacted by works.