Istanbul university capa faculty of medicine
İstanbul, turkey
Production of the static and architectural projects, schemes and drawings of the existing building. Construction of the steel structure of 700 sqm building with 18m spans and 26m height, convenient to its project. Enhancing the bearing capacity of the downer floor by building steel reinforcements, manufacturing and erection of 65.000 kg steel. Turnkey construction including all renovation works, drink and waste water systems, hospital oxygen network, all furnishing and hvac works.the recognition hematology building enabled can toundertake the construction of the additional oncology clinicbuilding to be realised by the donation of the süzer family.also the additional building of the oncology clinic has beenundertaken by can. This turn-key job involved the realisationof the projects of the additional building in 4 disciplines,the erection of the steel construction building with an area2 of 700 m2 , at 26 metres with spaces of 16 mts., in linewith its project, the increase of the carrying capacity andthe lower floor's carrying capacity with steel reinforcements,the production and mounting of 115.000 kgs. Of steel, theconstruction, repair, clean water and waste water installationworks, hospital's oxygen installation, the furnishing andhvac works; this project involved