Social Responsibility

Can 's mission and vision reflect its values and through such partnership to achieve its goal of positively impacting the lives of many children

Our Mission To Be Hope for Children in Need of Protection

One of our most important missions is to implement the Integrated Child Care System in all dormitories to help children in need of protection overcome the traumas they have experienced and to provide living spaces where they can continue their education. In this way, we aim to provide society with physically and mentally healthy individuals.

Our Vision Building Change in Turkey

Our vision includes the expansion of the Integrated Child Care System, which we implement in our own dormitories, in the care of children in need of protection across Turkey. At the same time, by providing material and moral support to the families of children who are forced to work on the streets due to economic difficulties, we prevent children from working on the streets by protecting the family. Most importantly, we work to overcome deficiencies so that all children grow up as happy, self-confident individuals.

Müge Çelebican Leader of Change

Müge Çelebican, Chairperson of the Foundation's Board of Directors, sets an example to society by taking on this important task and symbolizes our commitment to shaping the future of our children in a bright way. Her leadership is one of our greatest strengths in realizing this important mission.

A Child's Place Cannot Be on the Streets

As Can İnşaat, we believe that a child's place should not be on the streets. With this belief, we have embarked on a long journey and have touched the lives of many children along the way. We see it as one of our most important duties to make them forget the negativities they have experienced in the past and to make them feel safe.

We know that every child has the right to be prepared for life at home and at school. We undertake a mission for children who do not have these rights and provide them with a warm home where they can live happily, educational opportunities and an environment where they can express themselves freely.

Building Together for Our Future

Working with the Children of Our Future Foundation, we prevent children from working on the streets and help them grow up as healthy, happy individuals. This is not only a social responsibility for us, but also an important step we take to build our future. As Can İnşaat, we will continue our journey of contributing to society and continue to look to the future with hope. We are building the future together, because "No More Children Working and Living on the Streets!"

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